Atlas VPN Review

Khan Muhammad Al Amin

Assistant Editor
Publish Date: 7 September 2023


Enjoy a Seamless, Superfast, and secure Internet Experience with Atlas VPN

With 1000+ servers worldwide, Atlas VPN gives you everything you expect from a VPN. It provides you with lightning-fast speed along with a lot of premium features. With a single subscription, you will get unlimited bandwidth, military-grade encryption, and unlimited device use. With over six million subscribers around the world, Atlas VPN has become one of the top VPN brands and is especially popular in Middle Eastern countries.

Atlas has premium features like automatic kill switch, split tunneling, ad blockers, and, last but not least, excellent customer support. You can unblock streaming sites, internet calling apps, and enjoy the ultimate gaming experience with Atlas VPN.

Let’s discover more about how Atlas VPN can give you the best internet experience.

Core Features

  • Freemium VPN service provider
  • Over 1000 servers
  • 43 countries
  • Torrenting support
  • Military-grade encryption
  • No-log policy
  • 24/7 customer support via live chat, email, and HelpCenter
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Streaming
  • Privacy Pro servers
  • Multiple payment options
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • No device per account limit
  • WebRTC, DNS, and IP leak protection
  • Linux-optimized
  • Works with Android TV and Fire TV
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User Interface

With a visually appealing and easy-to-use design, Atlas VPN has one of the best user interface that you can experience. You can easily find and use the features with just a fingertip.

  • • Easy switching between protocols & servers.

  • • Connect & disconnect is just a matter of a single click.

  • • Easy installation & configuration.

  • • Linux optimized.

  • • Easy payment & other procedures.


Enjoy the ultimate freedom & flexibility.

The quality of a VPN depends on the number of servers and the speed of those servers. To give you the ultimate freedom and flexibility, Atlas VPN provides you with 1000+ servers in 42 countries.


Be the brave & unbeatable warrior you always wanted to be

Whether your objective is to circumvent geo-restrictions, shield your IP address from adversaries, irritating ads, or evade the vagaries of internet connectivity, Atlas VPN offers a comprehensive gaming solution. In pursuit of delivering an unparalleled gaming experience, Atlas VPN has seamlessly integrated the WireGuard protocol, widely acknowledged as the premier VPN protocol for gaming enthusiasts. You can play Pubg, Free Fire, or whatever you want to play with Atlas VPN.


Unable to access your preferred Netflix content due to regional restrictions?

This predicament plagues countless individuals worldwide. Streaming services such as Netflix-USA, Amazon Prime, Disney+, among others, confront accessibility hurdles in numerous regions. In addressing this challenge, Atlas VPN has seamlessly incorporated OpenVPN, a protocol widely acclaimed by experts as the optimal choice for unimpeded streaming. Thus, relish an expedited, secure, and uninterrupted streaming experience in our company.

Redefine your Streaming experience with Atlas VPN


Tussling to access your desired OTT platforms, social media networks, or internet-based calling applications owing to regional content restrictions?

Liberating yourself from this confinement is effortless with Atlas VPN. Our service grants you unrestricted access to all online content and enables the utilization of any internet-based calling application, empowering you to transcend geographical barriers with ease.

Enjoy the freedom of browsing, streaming, and gaming.


Protocols are needed to connect the VPN app with the servers in different locations. Different protocols are best suited for different services.

For example, OpenVPN is best for streaming, while WireGuard is best for gaming. According to Atlas VPN website, Atlas VPN has WireGuard & IKEv2 protocols. You will have the opportunity to switch between the protocols according to your need with Atlas VPN premium subscription.


Say Good Bye to Irrelevant Ads.

Prevents spyware-infected ads from reaching your browser Protects you from being exposed to malware that you could receive by clicking on some ads Blocks ads on your entire device, not just your browser Prevents third-party trackers from gaining a foothold through ads Improves page load speed


Get Best VPN Deal at an Affordable Price

1 Month Deal : 11.99 USD (per month)

1 Year Deal : 3.29 USD (per month)

2 Years Deal: 1.64 USD (per month)

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Supported OS

Atlas VPN is compatible with all the major operating systems like Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Android TV, Linux, Fire TV.


Final Thoughts

AtlasVPN represents a stellar, budget-friendly, all-encompassing VPN solution adept at safeguarding user data and privacy while ensuring unfettered access to local services and networks.

Boasting impervious IP leak protection, a sprawling array of servers spanning numerous locales, and fortifications against contemporary cyber threats, it emerges as the paragon of online security. Whether your quest involves conquering streaming platforms like Netflix or fortifying your digital fortress against marauding cyber foes, AtlasVPN stands as the undisputed champion, ready to vanquish any digital challenge you may encounter.

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